We are a proud multicultural team deeply inspired to improve outcomes by revolutionizing health care in neurology.
Our research group includes scientists in the areas of neurology, healthcare policy and health services research.


M. Andrea Donahue, MD
M. Andrea Donahue, MDSenior Clinical Research Coordinator & Project Manager
Nhu Dang
Nhu Dang2021 Summer Research Volunteer
Marta Bento Fernandes, PhD
Marta Bento Fernandes, PhDData scientist & Machine Learning Specialist
Sarah Condelli
Sarah Condelli2021 Summer Research Volunteer
Z. Roman Yan, MS
Z. Roman Yan, MSData Scientist
Aya Elhassan
Aya Elhassan2021 Summer Intern


<b>Deepika Dass, MPH</b>
Deepika Dass, MPH
<b>Jason Smith</b>
Jason Smith
<b>Hannah Herzig, MD, MS</b>
Hannah Herzig, MD, MS
<b>Farrah Lynn Ezzeddine</b>
Farrah Lynn Ezzeddine
<b>David Kwasnik</b>
David Kwasnik
<b>Paula Sanches, MD</b>
Paula Sanches, MD
<b> Emily L. Thorn </b>
Emily L. Thorn
<b>Felipe Jones, MD</b>
Felipe Jones, MD
<b>Mursal Hassan</b>
Mursal Hassan
<b> Diego Y. Mendez, M.D.</b>
Diego Y. Mendez, M.D.
<b> Gina Deck, M.D. </b>
Gina Deck, M.D.
<b>Neishay Ayub, MD</b>
Neishay Ayub, MD
<b>Jonathan de Jesus</b>
Jonathan de Jesus
<b>Felipe Bortoluzzi </b>
Felipe Bortoluzzi
<b>Thiago Carneiro, M.D.</b>
Thiago Carneiro, M.D.
<b> Michael Seitz. </b>
Michael Seitz.
<b> Destiny Bailey</b>
Destiny Bailey
<b>Rogger Andrade</b>
Rogger Andrade