Welcome To The NeuroValue Lab

Welcome to the MGH Neuro Value lab, a health services and outcomes research laboratory in the Department of Neurology at the Massachusetts General Hospital  and Harvard Medical School.

Our group recognizes the economic burden associated with neurological conditions and the inefficiency associated with payment for units of service rather than quality and health outcomes. In response, the MGH Neuro Value lab was created to increase the value of healthcare in neurology – a ratio of the quality and/or outcomes to cost.

The critical points in this effort are to understand the following:

  • Neuro-psychiatric epidemiology
  • Access to neurological care
  • Appropriateness of care
  • Measures of the processes of care, such as quality
  • Risk-stratification in chronic neurological conditions
  • Health resources utilization and payment models
  • Impact of new technologies and educational programs
  • How to systematically gauge outcomes or impact.

We use established health services research methods to identify and compare alternative delivery models for achieving desired outcomes. We have a particular interest in strategies for reducing costs while improving the quality of care. The ultimate mission of our group is to design and implement coordinated care models for neurological care of high value.


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We aim to revolutionize neurology practices worldwide.