Thank You !

We are humbled that you would consider supporting our work philanthropically. Advances in neurology research and clinical care are made possible because of you.

The MGH Neuro Value lab is a health services and outcomes research laboratory with the Department of Neurology at the Massachusetts General Hospital .

Our research efforts rely entirely on the ongoing dedication and generosity of our donors and private foundations such as the American Academy of Neurology and the American Epilepsy Society. Your help would have a big impact given the very difficult federal funding climate in academic medicine with which we are all struggling.

When seeking neurological care at MGH, patients want to receive the best service in the world. They want to have the best chance of a cure and/or comfort. Moreover, they look for someone who cares about whether they will return to work, how they will care for themselves, and how symptoms are impacting their social life.

Thus, the fundamental purpose of our research is to improve the value of the care we offer by improving the health outcomes (or impact) that matter to people with neurological conditions. We are dedicated to the development and implementation of strategies to improve patient safety, quality-of-care, cost-effectiveness, and outcomes assessment in neurology.

Donations help to elicit the greatest potential from the Comprehensive Neurology Clinic’s team, provide top-notch quality care for our patients, and fuel our research. For example, donations support research efforts to:

  • Improve access to neurological care
  • Create better measures of the processes of care, such as quality
  • Improve the safety of treatments for neurological conditions
  • Improve health resources utilization
  • Evaluate new technologies
  • Launch educational programs
  • Systematically gauge outcomes or impact.

Much of our promising work toward improving the way we provide care for people depends on donations from supportive patients and their loved ones. Please consider a gift to support research and clinical care today.

Current Support

The support of the following institutions has been a great vote of confidence in our mission:

  • The American Academy of Neurology (AAN) and the American Brain Foundation (ABF)
  • The American Epilepsy Society (AES)
  • The Massachusetts General Hospital Center of Expertise in Quality and Safety (MGH-COE)
  • The Massachusetts General Hospital Department of Neurology
  • The Harvard Catalyst

Your donation not only facilitates ongoing research, but assists in the development of new health-services and outcomes research projects.

For more information on how to support the MGH Neuro Value research and clinical care at Massachusetts General Hospital  please contact Shawn Fitzgibbons in the Mass General Development office at 617-643-0447; e-mail:

You may also contact the main Development Office at 617-726-2200 or, toll-free: 877-644-7733.

Securing sponsors for our important mission is essential, as we face the daunting challenges of an economic crisis in healthcare research.

Please accept our most sincere thanks for your support!