We are a proud multicultural team deeply inspired to improve outcomes by revolutionizing health care in neurology.
Our research group includes scientists in the areas of neurology, healthcare policy and health services research.


<b>Karan Poddar, MD</b>
Karan Poddar, MDResearch Fellow
<b>Sabrina Paganoni, MD, PhD</b>
Sabrina Paganoni, MD, PhDResearch Fellow
<b>Jason Smith, BA</b>
Jason Smith, BAResearch Coordinator


<b> Diego Y. Mendez, M.D.</b>
Diego Y. Mendez, M.D.
<b>Hannah Herzig, MD, MS</b>
Hannah Herzig, MD, MS
<b>David Kwasnik</b>
David Kwasnik
<b> Emily L. Thorn </b>
Emily L. Thorn
<b>Mursal Hassan</b>
Mursal Hassan
<b> Gina Deck, M.D. </b>
Gina Deck, M.D.
<b>Jonathan de Jesus</b>
Jonathan de Jesus
<b>Felipe Bortoluzzi </b>
Felipe Bortoluzzi
<b>Thiago Carneiro, M.D.</b>
Thiago Carneiro, M.D.
<b> Michael Seitz. </b>
Michael Seitz.
<b> Destiny Bailey</b>
Destiny Bailey
<b>Rogger Andrade</b>
Rogger Andrade