After several (dozen) carafes of coffee, a few odd research and committee conferences, a couple snowstorms, and many, many man-hours, we are excited to announce our new publications this February!

Head on over to Medical Care to read our publication, Epilepsy Among Elderly Medicare Beneficiaries: A Validated Approach to Identify Prevalent and Incident Epilepsy. Succinctly, we deviate away from traditional claims-based algorithms to identify elderly individuals with epilepsy and set forth higher-performing claims-based prediction models.

And hey, since you’re already reading that, keep an eye out for our other new in press article in Epilepsy Research, Medicare Claims Can Identify Post-Stroke Epilepsy. We take a stab- successfully, we might add- at identifying a common etiological sub-classification of epilepsy in the elderly population: epilepsy due to ischemic stroke.

Put into context, epidemiological research needs these validated claims-based algorithms and models to accurately identify individuals. No such validated algorithms exist in the case of post-stroke epilepsy. As a result, this can further assist with estimating economic burden of disease and analyzing patient health outcomes, among other key research topics.

So keep up- we don’t want to leave you behind! The chilly winds of winter might have engulfed us in the Northeast, but we have no intention of slowing down.